Beautiful noises

Nadia's Aunties

A breathtaking set of portraits by Nadia Sablin. Nadia has spent the last three years photographing her Aunts in their summer home in North West Russia. Nadia has been photographing since she was 17 and is based in NYC. 
See more of her work: http://www.nadiasablin.com
Photo copyright Nadia Sablin


Picture perfect, perfect picture. 
Photo by Kyle Johnson


Body Beautiful

Photos: Above by Willy Ronis, below by Nadav Kander.


Holi Land project by Tobias Kruse

Holi Land is just one of many beautifully documented projects by Berlin based photographer Tobias Kruse. Still in progress which means more great pics to come! See more at www.tobias-kruse.com
Photos copyright Tobias Kruse

Concrete Web by Nicola Yeoman

Frightening and beautiful at the same time. Like a bad dream suspended in the mind.

 Nicola Yeoman - "I guess I have grown up as a bit of a magpie, making things, collecting junk, assembling, making dens. I have had an unconventional background as I didn't study art, it’s more something which comes instinctively to me...... Last year I moved into a massive studio, and this has really given me more freedom than ever to mess around and explore different ideas. Some ideas work and I develop them further, and others I abandon. But I have the space to be working on a couple of things at once, and to leave them, keep coming back and changing them, much like the the dens of my youth."
For more amazing installations by Yeoman go to
Copyright Nicola Yeoman

David Foldvari's illustrations

I love black&white photography and illustration. I like the mix of Foldvari's precise drawing style mixed with ink scratches, drips and blotches. They bring to mind the photographs of Bellocq who scratched out the faces to protect the identites of his subjects. For more of Foldvari's work check out www.davidfoldvari.co.uk 
Drawings copyright David Foldvari


Colour block high sneakers by Marc Jacobs

Beautfiul shoe alert! Sorry for the dodgy scanning but at least you get to see this lovely specimin of shoe design. Marc by Marc Jacobs spotted by Grazia magazine.


Latest Crush

Having trouble choosing whether to get the Kelly or the Nina marble bag from Bengt. Perhaps one should have a matching pair. Tralala...

Gone to the dogs.

Staying with the canine theme, may I introduce my mum's dog Tyler. Very high on the cuteometer. I think Thomas captured his best side.

Its a dog's life

Theron Humphreys series of photos of his dog Maddie stood on things is a beautifully simple idea well done. Sweet, funny, the light and composition are perfect. If only this website could go on and on. Click on the link to see them all and order prints.


Colourful Girls

Its the colours and the hair and the double exposure dreamy quality that draws me to Davis Ayer's photographs. For more truly scrumptious delights go to


Lorenzo Durantini

 For more of Lorenzo's work and a brilliant video of one of his installations click the link.

Lorenzo Durantini - "I am interested in freeing up space between figuration and abstraction. The tension between recognising meaning while interrogating its very possibility has pushed me to the periphery of representation. My work explores the detritus of the photographic studio through playful sculptural interventions that question its role as a site for the construction of meaning. I am interested in how carefully destructive processes can reveal the hidden histories and expected lifespans inscribed into everyday objects. My current interests include photographic materiality, the architecture of the studio, immanence and emancipatory desublimation."

Movement Paintings by Simon Birch


I will add the illustrators name and copyright info when I manage to retrace my steps to the place on the internet I came across these beautiful drawings.