A former fashion editor and reporter, photographer Heidi Lender moved to 
India to study yoga and find her herself. The result, a project that explores the personal fa├žade vs. private interior. See the rest of the project at:

Mini Stop Go

One a day

A view of the world as captured by Sipke Visser.


Lucas Beaufort

Harking from Cannes in the South of France, Lucas Beaufort not only has great work but also loads of links to other cool photographers, illustrators and artists we might like on his blog. According to his website he likes snoring beagles and bulldogs, going to bed late and smelling his feet in the morning! Find out more at...

Work/War wear

Ladies go to war, Vivienne Westwood Autumn/Winter 2011 at Paris fashion week.


My (fantasy) Chanel life

I'll take the Chanel man, his child and these two outfits....