Went to see... Sucker Punch

So glad I got to see this brilliant bit of theatre. Daniel Kaluuya and Anthony Welsh as Troy and Leon, rapidly rising up from their beginnings in a south London boxing gym to become champions until the finale showing the two old friends compete against each other. The story is set against the backdrop of the Brixton riots and is really a tale of their attempts to free themselves from their situation, only to end up as pawns in a much larger game - as much a battle with themselves outside the ring, as with each other in it. The use of lighting, slow motion and almost dance like choreography plus the very real feeling that you're in a boxing gym all make this play stand out from the run of the mill theatre productions. And to top it off the sheer physical fitness of the actors just amazed me!


Went to see... Ian Parry Scholarship at Getty Gallery

This is a selection of images from the winner, Spanish photographer Sebastian Liste. He wins the prestigious title for his project entitled “Urban Quilombo.” The story explores the lives of sixty homeless families inhabiting the abandoned “Galpão da Araújo Barreto” chocolate factory in Salvador de Bahia, Brazil. These families find abandoned factories to escape the violent streets of Salvador de Bahia only to find themselves invisible to their government who refuses to acknowledge them or their right for a better life.
At the Getty Gallery last night we were treated to canapes and cocktails whilst we browsed all the top entries to the awards. It is hard not to be affected by some of the subjects despite the western world having become impervious to photographs of those suffering around the world. Whilst I enjoyed myself, I was all too aware that the evening was a luxury and a world away from the lives of the people in the photos.

Julian Broad Photographer

As well as being a fan of Julian Broad's photography I have to say his website is one of the best I've seen amongst photographers. I love the sketchbook aspect of the site which allows the viewer to flip through his personal notebooks and contact sheets.
All the work shown here is copyright of Julian Broad

Blog to blog

A designer friend of mine just sent me a foto blog to look at. Well... now I'm showing it to you.
Photo by Gia Coppola


Get lost in photography

I just love the photos page on the Vice website. With loads of galleries to look through some beautiful images appear. Pretty much all the photography on there uses the snapshot aesthetic but some of the results are really quite profound. You may have to wade through several hundred photos of students throwing up and getting their boobs out but what else have you got to do with your day? Yep, nothing. Go get lost.

Cool adverts

I love the new Heinz ketchup ad purely because they don't even have to show the product and we know what it is. The other two adverts come in sets so definitely worth searching for the others on YouTube. And of course the answer is yes, I would love a guy like the Old Spice man. Ahh the power of advertising, when they get it right its can be so funny :-)

I Love Dust

Ilustrators, animators and graphic designers I Love Dust 
undertake a mixture of commissions including product design and animated films. 
Collaborating with both in-house and with global brands, their bold and colorful designs add fun to everyday objects like bikes, food containers and tea cups!


Paper, scissors and some sticky back plastic

Had these pics on my desktop for ages and in the process have sort of forgotten who did them. A delight to the eyes none the less.

1000 Journals

In an attempt to tidy my book shelves the other day I came across the 1000 jounals book a friend bought me a couple of years back. Its a great project and has produced some great art work from around the world.  
The 1000 Journals Project is an ongoing collaborative experiment attempting to follow 1000 journals throughout their travels. The goal is to provide a method for interaction and shared creativity among friends and strangers. Those who find the journals add something to them. A story, drawing, photograph, anything really. Then they pass the journal along, to a friend or stranger, and the adventure continues.
See the ones that came back to the artist at www.1000journals.com

Artwork Copyright: 1000 Journals