Fukase The Solitude of Ravens

The solitude of ravens is a hauntingly dark set of images by Japanese photographer Masahisa Fukase. The photographer had been famous for the joyous photographs he took of his wife but the marriage ended in 1976 and his work quickly turned to darker material. Despondent Fukase became infatuated with the raven of his native Hokkaido, ten years worth of photographs of these birds make up The Solitude of Ravens. It was published in Japan in 1986 and republished in the US in 1991. Soon after this Fukase fell down a staircase whilst intoxicated. He has been in a coma ever since. The Solitude of Ravens resonates with loss and lonlieness. The sharp silhouettes of the ravens haunt my mind long after I've but the book back on the shelf.
Photos Copyright Masahisa Fukase

Will Steacy Photographer

I am drawn to Will Steacy's photographs because of the light, the sharp focus and stillness of each scene and the overwhelming feeling of emptiness they convey. These are just some of his images from two projects. The first, Down These Mean Streets, is about the neighbourhoods you wouldn't want to be in at night. The areas left crumbling from lack of investment. The other images are from the project Eclipses about the Mural Arts Programme in Philladelphia which attempts to spark positive change in struggling neighbourhoods.
All Photos Copyright Will Steacy

Quentin Jones Painter/Illustrator

Illustrator Quentin Jones whose work for me stood out at the Central Saint Martin's graduate show in Islington, London this year has collaborated with E.Tautz, Saville Row tailors on an animated film to promote their S/S 2010 collection. The film was shown recently at London Fashion Week's first dedicated menswear day.

All images copyright Quentin Jones


Summer Teeth Blog

This is a really good blog to follow as it's like this lovely lady has made us an edit of all the fashion magazines that exist and put them all in to one lovely big visual blog. I'm putting some of the images here but you should go to the blog page and sit with a cup of cha and spend the next two hours browsing. I insist!

Brigitte Sire Photographer

My friend's favourite photographer and it's not hard to see why. Resonating with calm, wistfull romance, candy colours and beautifully captured moments, Sire's photos are just plain lovely to look through. Her black and white reportage for me has shades of Robert Frank and Nan Goldin which instantly endears her to me. We commissioned her recently for a shoot with M.I.A , I'll put one up of that shoot up after it's gone to press.
Photos all copyright Brigitte Sire

The Informant

Went to see The Informant the other night. My first time in a Leicester Square cinema. Not exactly glamorous however, if anything the interior of The Empire is a bit stinky in contrast to it's glitzy exterior. Anyway, the film was really funny, a lot of the humor coming from the thoughts of the character Mark Whitacre (played by Matt Damon.) Visually it's also really great, lots of beige office furniture and Damon looking fat with a tash, a toupee, slacks and bad knitwear.