Reading all these...

Reading all these at the same times. Not literally at the same time with the four open at once. That would make my arms tired.


I want them...

All from Miss Sixty, oh roll on pay day.... :-)

Make mine a beer!

Comfortable advertising

Why not take it easy whilst waiting for your train on the Paris Metro? Four stations have been furnished by Ikea with sofas, lamps and posters in a collaboration between Ikea 
and the communications agency Ubi Bene. 
Photos copyright Ellie Osborne.

Clemence Poesy in Tatler

Just loving the skirt Clemence is wearing on the front cover. The feature is shot by Thomas Nutzl and is in the April edition of Tatler magazine.


British Design

Established and Sons (founded in 2005) have some beautfiul design happening and these are just a few of their pieces that you can find on their site. They only work with British and British-based designers and aim to bring innovative and contemporary design to us all! Some of the designers selling work though Established include Barber Osgerby, Shay Alkalay and Zaha Hadid. I just need a house to furnish now. To shop online go to www.yoox.com or to take a further look at their entire collection go to press.establishedandsons.com

Lauren Greenfield Photographer

This video Fashion Show mixes filmed footage with still photography from over 50 runway shows in cities such as New York and Paris accompanied by the single "The Longer You Wait." by Fol Chen. On the website you can also look through Lauren's other documentary photographic projects including Cougar Convention about older women with younger men and Dubailand about the boom and boost of this developing country. If you want to see documentary photography done well then look no further.




If I'd known when I started reading the first book that I would become so engrossed in this story, I might have saved them for a holiday where I would have had whole 24 hour periods with nothing to do but read. As it turned out, I had to grab 15 minutes here and there between work and classes and then stay up till 2am every night because I couldn't bare to put it down. Now I've bought the dvd I intend to stop watching only when the disc is so used that its worn down and there is no image on the screen. Ha!

Photographer | Ramona Rosales

I really love Ramona's use of colour, light and the variety of compositions in the portraits. I'm so excited I had to share :-)
All photos are copyright of Ramona Rosales.


Cristina Guitan

Going to a friend's exhibition on Thursday night in Dalston 'Portraits of My Life as a Bird.' Cristina is an Illustrator and often exhibits her work on a large scale. I'm especially looking forward to this exhibition as I rocked up to the last one at Shunt in London Bridge to find I was a week late!
On her website this is how her latest exhibition is described: ‘Portraits of My Life as a Bird’ explores the nature and aesthetics of the hybrid. Throughout history, mythical hybrids such as the chimera were used to describe fantastic yet vulnerable power. Courtesy of rapid advances in genetic manipulation, humanity is now on the verge of holding such power. Liberated from biology and ethical oversight, ‘Portraits of My Life as a Bird’ is a playful imagining of this genetically mutated future.
The above text and all photos are copyright of Cristina Guitan.



Homer the Flickr Celebrity Dog

Found this cutie on Flickr and have to say I'm loving the photos. It's not helping dispell my need to run out and get a little Jack Russell to cuddle and throw balls in the park for.