Visual sweet shop.


Just about every day I come across an image that stops me in my tracks, makes me catch a breath and delight in its ambiguity and beauty. I'll drag it onto my desktop for further perusal and over the next month will sneak little glances at it. Its got to the point that my desktop is a little crowded so time to put these sweet and lovely images on here to share with you and then tidy up my virtual computer space.

Night at the museum.

A great discovery today, Hans-Ruedi Rohrer's website and his project In Between, shot at the Natural History Museum of Vienna. Haunting and poignant, Hans-Reudi's way of seeing the space, the light and the animal displays is quite beautiful.  


You got me under your spell

I'm always strangely fascinated by photos of Daniel Radcliffe looking, frankly, quite hot and nothing like Harry Potter. The Dazed and Confused shoot by Serge Lebon is amazing.

Yuko Kondo -Illustrator

Yuko told me about his new website and I love it! Check out more of his work on his site, www.yukokondo.com as these examples only show a mere slice of his talents.