Picture perfect, perfect picture. 
Photo by Kyle Johnson


Body Beautiful

Photos: Above by Willy Ronis, below by Nadav Kander.


Holi Land project by Tobias Kruse

Holi Land is just one of many beautifully documented projects by Berlin based photographer Tobias Kruse. Still in progress which means more great pics to come! See more at www.tobias-kruse.com
Photos copyright Tobias Kruse

Concrete Web by Nicola Yeoman

Frightening and beautiful at the same time. Like a bad dream suspended in the mind.

 Nicola Yeoman - "I guess I have grown up as a bit of a magpie, making things, collecting junk, assembling, making dens. I have had an unconventional background as I didn't study art, it’s more something which comes instinctively to me...... Last year I moved into a massive studio, and this has really given me more freedom than ever to mess around and explore different ideas. Some ideas work and I develop them further, and others I abandon. But I have the space to be working on a couple of things at once, and to leave them, keep coming back and changing them, much like the the dens of my youth."
For more amazing installations by Yeoman go to
Copyright Nicola Yeoman

David Foldvari's illustrations

I love black&white photography and illustration. I like the mix of Foldvari's precise drawing style mixed with ink scratches, drips and blotches. They bring to mind the photographs of Bellocq who scratched out the faces to protect the identites of his subjects. For more of Foldvari's work check out www.davidfoldvari.co.uk 
Drawings copyright David Foldvari