Laurie Lipton Illustrator Artist

A description of Lipton's work from her website:  "Lipton was inspired by the religious paintings of the Flemish School. She tried to teach herself how to paint in the style of the 16th century Dutch Masters and failed. When traveling around Europe as a student, she began developing her very own peculiar drawing technique building up tone with thousands of fine cross-hatching lines like an egg tempera painting. “It’s an insane way to draw”, she says, “but the resulting detail and luminosity is worth the amount of effort. My drawings take longer to create than a painting of equal size and detail... The photographer, Diane Arbus, was one of my inspirations. Her use of black and white hit me at the core of my being. Black and white is the color of ancient photographs and old TV shows… it is the color of ghosts, longing, time passing, memory, and madness. Black and white ached. I realized that it was perfect for the imagery in my work.”
All images copyright Laurie Lipton


Double Dutch

Dano Watts

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Isa Leshko's Elderly Animal Series

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