Smoking Kills

Photos by http://mamzelle-maviou.fr

D*FACE doodle?

From doodling at his desk to global takeover of the streets. D*face is all around.


Poulomi Basu

These are the first few images from Basu's project called To Conquer Her Land. The exquisite colour and composition of the first image really drew me in. The colour photos show contemplatative and tender moments in the women's day to day lives within what appears to be a military camp. As the project continues 
the photos turn black and white as Basu begins to present the reality of the 
military training and practise, suddenly presenting us with a dark and blurred image of the women at night on patrol. The images are also interspersed with quotes from the soldiers, revealing their their fears but also their bravery and toughness.