Some other good magazines online...

So including the mag I work for, it's not just Huck who are online. If you've got a spare day then browse away at fashion, art, sport, music and lifestyle. Poor WHSmith. We won't be leaving the house today I'm afraid. B Store magazine, The Red Bulletin, Cos magazine, Lotus magazine, Acme.

Online Magazine

Huck have put their whole magazine archive online for us all to read, free of charge. They're hoping this digital side to their brand will encourage you to subscribe to the print version and also get their name out to a larger audience. We benefit from the free to view features and stories on many well known surf, ski and skate heroes. Working with world class writers and photographers, the magazine innovates and stretches this genre of mag. If you're not too hot for their topic of conversation you'll still enjoy the photography and design of the publication no fear. If you've not seen Huck yet then check it out here...


Ilustrator Anna Magnowska

It's illustration overload today and last, but not least, is a girl who has previously collaborated with Laura Quick (see post below) on a set of drawings inspired by customers she served over the years whilst working as a waitress. Each portrait is sketched on a page from a food order pad and some still show people's orders underneath the drawing. Above this is Anna's editorial work. The use of fluorescent pink really gives her work a concise style across the different projects and importantly makes the work eye-catching. See Anna's other projects on her website. www.annamagnowska.com

Laura Quick

Yet more gorgeous illustration and this time mixed with fashion and style. Grrrr.
Yes, of course I'm giving you the web details... www.lauraquick.co.uk

Emma Dibben Illustrator

 Emma Dibben's illustration for Waitrose magazine. Reminds me of sketching in 
Sixth Form but in the best possible way. Its nice to see products still being
illustrated and not just pack shots in bland studios. Check out her website for 
more of her beautiful sketches, drawings and typography. www.emmadibben.com

The new flat

First day in the new flat.

Valentino Winter 2010

I've been so busy I haven't had chance to add anything on here for a while. However, I just have to share these dresses from Valentino's Haute Couture Winter 2010 range. 
A couple of the framed dresses look like they might be more than a little drafty for the cold winter weather but looking this amazing would definitely off-set the risk hypothermia
I'll take one of each please...