Thomas Butler - Matmos

Loving Tom's new photos of Matmos in London recently...
All pics copyright Thomas Butler.

Belgian search....

Was looking for a photographer in Belgium today and came across Thomas Vanhaute's work. He has a mix of work from reportage to fashion.
All pics copyright Thomas Vanhaute.


Keith Davis Young - Photographer

Keith is a US based photographer and designer. I came across the Pancakes photo on FFFFound and then went googling for his other work. For me, Keith's photos resonate a quiet, meditative energy. The muted colours of the empty landscapes draw me into this suburban abyss. I like that a stack of coloured cups or a santa poster on the back of a door becomes a poignant moment.
All photos are copyright of the photographer.

Dr Slump Arale Hat

Worryingly I'm considering buying one of these hats.... xx


I'd really like something bright yellow for my wardrobe this summer. I don't really suit the colour though but I think I could get away with a skirt or perhaps a shiny handbag. I like that Jameela (in the pic) has had the bottle to wear this dress with red boots. She's looks like a fruity lollipop. Ace!

Amy Ruppel illustrator

Just stumbled across Amy in one of my lost moments on the internet. There's a mxture of graphics, paintings and even her Kid Robot design. 
All pics are copyright Amy Ruppel